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Monthly Training Fees - Pay Online Now

Price dependent on team.

This is monthly training fee payment service. Please select the relevant fee for your athletes class.

There is a €2 processing charge to use this service. 

  • All Tiny Teams - Baby Blue - €50 last for 8 weeks
  • Team Electric - €60 - Due monthly
  • All Other Teams - €65 - Due monthly
  • CrossOver (2 Teams) Or 2 Siblings on Other Teams - €95 - Due Monthly 


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Set Up Monthly Fee Subscription

Dependent on Team

Here is an option, which will automatically take a monthly payment without you having to do it!

This is a subscription service, which is totally manageable at your end, as long as you have an active PayPal Account.

Pay your first fees here to set up the subscription.

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Tumble Force - 8 Week Tumbling Block

€75 plus €2.50 admin fee

TumbleForce is designed to encourage athletes to make the most of their tumble ability and to help push along the process of tumbling.

The session will be in a group setting of around 10-15 athletes focusing on conditioning and drills. 

*This isn't a miracle camp, however we will push, train and encourage the development of all skills.

Session 1: Level 1 Tumbling - No experience required

Session 2- Level 2 Tumbling - Pre-Requisite is a strong back walkover/front walkover and round off.

NEXT BLOCK - SUNDAY 10th JUNE --- SUNDAY 29th JULY - There will 8 scheduled classes, it is your responsibility to ensure attendance. No refunds/make up classes will be offered if you skip a session. (Next block will be offered from September 2018 - Possibly on a Saturday)

Strike Force reserves the rights to merge sessions, should numbers not meet the criteria to split sessions.

No discounts will be offered to the TumbleForce payments.

PAY HERE BY PAYPAL (No processing charge if paid at the Strike Force gym)

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