Skill Development Camp for Current SF Members

We are back with our athlete's conference of skills and classes, which proved very popular last year!


Our annual CampForce 2018 is back by demand...and as always will be popular as ever!

PURCHASE HERE FOR REDUCED MEGAPASS FOR €65 ONLY - Will Increase Next Week  (Pay As You Go Also Available - Read below)

Mega Passes Online - Sold Out! Email for offline availability 


When Is It?

Monday 6th August - Friday 10th August 2018

Who Can Attend?

Any athletes who can fully participate and is at the level of the session set

How Do I Book?

As always, we will be offering our MegaPass which entitles to the bearer to attend any session listed on the schedule, Or You Pay As You Go per class, which is €6 a session. Passes can be purchased online or in the gym.

We have a limited number of MegaPasses, the early fee is €65 per person until Tuesday 24th July 2018 and then will be set at the standard fee of €75 from Wednesday 25th July 2018 or before if they sell out!

Terms & Conditions

  • All sessions will last approximately 50 minutes
  • The schedule is subject to change and this will be posted in our CampForce Facebook Page.
  • Coaches/Staff/Volunteers are only responsible for athletes between those 50 minutes of the session
  • PAYG Athletes are not permitted to wait in the gym between sessions - This will be permitted to MegaPass Holders.
  • All athletes should attend sessions that match their ability. Athletes will be advised if they are not competent at the session they are attending.
  • There are no sibling discounts on offer for CampForce.
  • MegaPasses Operate on a first come, first served basis.
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