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Strike Force is the ideal place for athletes aged 4 years + who want to join the the world's fastest growing youth sport of All Star Cheerleading in Dublin, Ireland. Recruitment days are held throughout the year. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR AWARD WINNING PROGRAM!



All Star Cheerleading is not your traditional type of cheerleading in which the professional cheerleaders would perform as a side line act for NFL & Basketball Games.

All Star combines the athletic disciplines of acrobatics and tumbling and the athletes have two and half minute to demonstrate in front of judges their skills. All the skills are put into a uniquely choreographed dynamic routine which involves dance, jumps, stunts, tosses, tumbling and pyramid building with a huge element of showmanship involved.


Interested in joining our program? Well please bare in mind that Strike Force only offers training for athletes who are willing to commit to the program, become an active part of the team and are willing to fund all expenses related to All Star Cheer.

Commitment: Mandatory training is twice a week and sometime a third session is added closer to competitions. We must be your priority.

Active Member: You have to want to up skill yourself at any chance, self training at home is mandatory and we will constantly monitor your progress. You have to work with your team mates and strive together to be the best you can be.

Expenses: As with anything competitive there are mandatory costs involved. Including monthly training fees, training kit, insurance, uniforms, competition fees, choreography and travel costs. We do however try and offer the best prices we can and always try to give you as much notice as possible





Well you get to be a part of one of Irelands best and popular cheer programs. You get to meet and work with cheerleaders from all over Ireland and the UK. You get to travel to national and international championships to represent the program and the country. You will be coached by some of the best staff and experienced staff in Ireland. Self esteem is boosted and you get to meet life long friends from within your own team. Work Hard, Have Fun!

Before committing to join, contact us using the contact link above and arrange to come down and sit in a session, speak to the coaches and team members, then you can decide if you really want to be an All Star Cheerleader.

(Poor attitude, attendance, punctuality is not tolerated and you will be asked to leave the program if you fail to observe program policies. All accounts must be settled on time, if not late charges will apply and exclusion could take place if there is no good reason.)

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